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Eye-catching exhibition stands, easy and compact to transport and install.

Arnaud Istas

Head of Business Development
Artexis Easyfairs

« Congratulations again for the magnificent structure that was approved unanimously – beautiful signature ! »

Compact &Fast Set-Up

Because Konligo structures are so compact, they are easy to store and transport.

The structures are delivered already assembled. The only thing left for you to do, is to open them and be amazed by their ingenious and easy set-up.

Most exhibition stands take days to build. Ours are up and ready to use in under an hour.

Eye-Catching & Immersive Experience

With our inspiring catalogue of deisgns, we push exhibition stands to another level.

Our designs stand out from the crowd and offer a range of possibilities when it comes to branding, customisation and the creation of unique, immersive experiences.

Sustainable & Multi-Use

Made of recycled aluminium and produced in Belgium, our structures can be reused many times.

There is no need to build a new stand design from scratch. With our Konligo structures, you create a new customer experience in a blink by simply changing the customisable design features.

What do we stand for ?

Our mission is to make attractive, innovative and sustainable stand structures, and to reduce the time it takes to set up stands as well as the amount of waste they generate.

We do this by combining creative engineering with sustainable development principles. With Konligo, we are committed to pushing stand designs to another level while prioritising resource efficiency, and responsible behaviour.   

We have a catalogue of different structures designed and produced in Belgium.
We also design and produce custom-made structures adjusted to your needs.


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