Fast and Easy Deployment

Our structure, the FasTival, can be transported very easily thanks to a very compact configuration, and can be installed (with high quality membrane cover) in less than ten minutes by just pulling on the structure with two persons. An unbelievable gain of time (and thus money). The cost of FasTival is amortised in no time!

Modular Design

The standard FasTival has a span of 7m, a width of 3,5m and a height of 3.5m. For a bigger depth, modules of 3,5m can be combined.

Strong Performance

FasTival can withstand wind loads of 100 km/h and extra hanging loads of 150 kg in total. The structure is made of anodised aluminium and can be re-used an unlimited number of times. Because of our extensive research and mechanic tests, we guarantee the structural performance and give warranty on the metal structure.

Eye Catching Technology

Thanks to its fancy design, the FasTival is a real eye-catcher for your event.

"Cela faisait quelques années que nous cherchions une petite structure facilement installable, transportable avec un chouette look pour nos petits événements d’une journée. La solution FasTival a répondu à nos attentes. Maintenant que nous l’avons, nous l’avons même placé sur un événement de 5 semaines et la structure n’a pas bougé malgré certaines conditions météorologiques capricieuses."

Geoffrey Campé - Technical & Logistics Manager at Brussels Major Events