Vertical walls and a clean style make it an ideal structure for a stand, brand activation, etc.

Arko is a Konligo product a derivative of FasTival but with vertical walls and a smaller with steep walls and a smaller span. Similar to the FasTival, the Arko can also be combined to form a tunnel.
Thanks to its vertical walls, the usable area is larger than with an arch. It is very easy to display text and graphics.
It is made of recycled aluminum, with anodized beams or colored powder coating, and is designed to withstand strong winds and rain. and rain. Lighting, sound, and projection functions can easily be functions can be easily integrated.

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Arko exhibition stand with seating and projection

3 different models for Arko

Arko 290 (8,4m²)

Arko 400 (12,5m²)

Scissor structure next to person for scale

Arko 470 (15m²)

Inside and outside dimensions for the Arko

(80 km/h wind)


108cm x54cm x 175cm

Outside Arch
Arko 290 | 2.9m x 3.8m x 3.4m
Arko 400 | 4.0m x 3.8m x 3.7m
Arko 470 | 4.6m x 3.8m x 3.3m

Inside Arch
Arko 290 | 2.2m x 3.8m x 3.0m
Arko 400 | 3.3m x 3.8m x 3.4m
Arko 470 | 4.0m x 3.8m x 2.9m