Original structures toexpress your difference

Customizable structures for car dealers to enhance your vehicles

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A unique structure to increasethe impact of the brand experience

A versatile solution for various events: entrance arches, stands, opendays, showcases of new vehicles, receptions, ...

Rental and purchase possible

Compact &Fast Set-Up

  • Easy set-up. No technical skills required.
  • Up and ready to use in under an hour.

Sustainable & Locally produced

  • Recycled or re-used aluminium and 100% made in in Belgium
  • Robust, up to wind loads of 75km/h

Eye-Catching Outdoor Experience

  • Inspiring catalogue of designs
  • Branding, customisation and the creation of unique, immersive experiences

Be part of the next wave in pop-up structures.

We exist so that you can provide to your customers attractive, personalized and sustainable pop-up booths: Made in Belgium and part of the transition to a circular economy!

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