From idea to action

After several years of research on lightweight and transformable structures at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Konligo is born to shape all this knowledge and apply it in market-fit plan based on circular economy. 

Konligo is created to become a revolutionary company that aims to shake up the event industry with its business model that uses divergent thinking offering innovative and sustainable solutions. At Konligo, we believe that great projects deserve responsible practices and we’re here to offer them.

A solid foundation is what every company must aspire, in order to scale-up and grow successfully. That’s why we’ve put a lot of effort in having a clear mission and we devote a lot of time to team communication and to build strong customer relationships 


Reaching goals together

On the path of success – which for every organisation might be defined differently – a company must set down a list of core values and define its mission statement. At Konligo, we actively share those and apply them in our everyday work. All team members know what we believe in as a company and what achievements are possible by working at Konligo.  By doing this, we not only communicate what we do, but it also manifests our personal purposes and desires within a strong connected team. This all brings oxygen to our company.


There are no wrong answers, just new lessons

To reach our goals, Konligo constantly seeks improvement by embracing an innovative corporate culture where all insights and opinions are welcomed. Everything can be discussed in  a communicative space of trust and transparency where there are no wrong answers — just new lessons.

We share a dynamic and comfortable atmosphere which is built carefully by selecting the right people. Konligo chooses not just the most suitable professionals for each existing role, but in addition to this,  team players with positive and respectful mindsets — engaged persons who nicely fit the company’s culture and the rest of the team.


Re-inventing the event industry

Our purpose is to reach recognition as innovators in the field of sustainability. We believe that today’s businesses can mold our lives with even greater importance than before.  With a sustainable mindset many contemporary issues can be addressed with the right solutions, building a better future.

It starts to get widely known that building a structure gives rise to tons of end-of-life issues and the problem is that not many companies actually care about it. The most problematic one is the use of toxic materials, generating huge amounts of waste difficult to reuse or recycle. We select our suppliers carefully in order to make sure that we do things sustainably.


Connection is what define us

As a result of everything we believe in and do, our company was named Konligo. It represents perfectly our way of working, the products and solutions we offer and moreover our relation to each other. 

Konligo is derived from Esperanto meaning ‘connection’, and being a word from this special language, it reflects our universal point of view on the world and society.

Connection is what defines Konligo. Our deployable structures need strong connections to be supported, settled and balanced, and our team does too in the same way. Beyond our professional relationship we are also friends and celebrate success together.

Get connected and get to know us better — here it’s all about Konligo!