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Compact to transport, fast to set-up and safe to use

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Ondo is a tailor-made eye-catching exhibition stand of 14 x 7x 6 m, very compact to store and transport and very easy to install.

"Congratulations again for the magnificent structure that was approved unanimously - beautiful signature!"

Arnaud Istas - Head of Business Development Artexis Easyfairs

With FasTival, we are re-inventing tent structures

FasTival, an arch structure of 7m span, 3.5m width and 3.5m height, can be transported very easily thanks to a very compact configuration, and can be installed (with membrane) in less than ten minutes by just pulling on the structure


"While doing research on the scissor technology, I realised that this fascinating topic is full of amazing opportunities. I'm excited to be part of Konligo because I believe that we have a disruptive technology that can change the stand and tent industry."

Niels De Temmerman - Professor & Co-Founder Konligo

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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