About us.

We create the most worry-free experience for temporary structures and coverings.
We unfold exceptional designs for event organizers and their visitors.
We fascinate the world with the beauty, strength, and convenience of deployable structures.

The advantages

Scissor structures are pre-constructed and instantly deployable, thereby significantly reducing transport, assembly, installation costs, and time for your event, with amazing aesthetic appeal.

Our products are multi-functional: they can be used as tents, stage covering, entrance arches, screens, brand activation and so much more.

The possibilities

We sell and rent out pre-conceived designs for any type of event. For the most extraordinary experience, our team of creative engineers can propose tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit your needs.

The vision

At Konligo we combine creative engineering with responsible behavior and sustainable design.

We believe that intelligent, sustainable design will allow us to do more with less:

More immersive, eye-catching, and unique experiences, with less resource depletion, less waste and less time spent on set-up.

The mission

It is our mission to push temporary structures to the next level, while pushing the event industry to a more sustainable future.

The style

The rotating bars give our structures their shape and their strength. They are our signature and our style. Now, we are ready to spread our style around the world, and we welcome you to join us!

We are

Konligo is a Belgian start-up founded by a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs and researchers in 2018. It is the result of more than 15 years of research into lightweight and transformable structures at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel under the leadership of Niels De Temmerman and Tine Tysmans.

Read our different blog articles to learn more about our team.

We are looking for people to share our dreams with: We welcome anyone interested in our structures and our work to leave their contact details or contact us straight away.

The connection

The name Konligo is derived from kunligo, meaning ‘connection’ in Esperanto.

Connections are vital to all our deployable objects, structures, and space. Connections are what enable their mesmerizing kinetic motion and robust structural performance. The hinged connections also create the unique shapes and fascinating stand transformations we are recognised for all over the world. The arising spaces invite people to connect. Our company is built around a team of highly motivated and creative makers, who share the same core values: Konligo is what drives and connects them.

The team