Frequently Asked Questions.

Here you can find the FAQ related to purchasing a Konligo product. The FAQ related to renting is still under construction.

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General information

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our operational processes:

  • Production and assembly in Belgium, using suppliers as local as possible to minimize CO2 emissions.
  • Adoption of a modular design to enhance interchangeability across our models, embodying eco-design principles.
  • Collaboration with social enterprises to provide employment opportunities for those facing barriers to work due to disabilities.
  • The used aluminium is 80% recycled.

Read more about our sustainable core values in this blog article.

Konligo structures are perfect for mobile stages, brand activations, pop-up booths, roadshows, product launches, press conferences, exhibition stands, and so on. The structures invite creativity and the possibilities are large. Get inspired here!


Our product range includes a variety of sizes and shapes tailored to meet your specific requirements.

For detailed information, please visit our product page.

While our products have a fixed span based on the model, you can extend the depth by coupling different models together (by entire or half depth structures).

Additionally, all models can be transformed into a screen (90° rotation) with our Luno package, including wheels and extra foot plates for versatility.

Absolutely! We call it Konligo Creation :-) Our R&D department specializes in crafting tailor-made shapes to suit your unique project needs. To initiate a custom project, we'll schedule a meeting to discuss your vision in detail. Lead times for custom projects start from 3 months. Contact us to set up a call.

The Konligo system boosts incredible versatility, allowing you to customize according to your creative vision. From adding decorative elements and banners to incorporating membranes; your options are limitless. Explore our inspiration gallery here to spark your imagination.

We transport our structures using a cover sleeve made of sturdy polyester. While we can accommodate flight cases for transportation, it significantly increases both weight and cost (approximately €1.500 for the flight case alone, weighing as much as the structure itself). Upon delivery to the customer, we ensure the structures are carefully palletized and completely protected.

For structures with a white PES membrane, dirt accumulates over time. We recommend manual cleaning using soap (no heavy chemicals though) and water to maintain the integrity of the material. Industrial cleaning machines are not recommended as they may damage the PU coating on the membrane. It's important to note that while most dirt can be removed when properly maintained, some may remain. Alternatively, opting for a colored or black membrane reduces visibility of stains. Another option is to choose a PVC membrane, which is easier to clean but pricier and heavier.

Technical specifications

Only two people are required for the setup, but it's important that they are adequately trained to ensure safety and prevent any mishaps. While Konligo structures require a bit more expertise compared to simpler party tents, with proper training, the installation process can be done smoothly and safely.

Konligo structures are anchored with several foot plates, which are secured with ballast, ground pins, or directly screwed into a solid surface. For a 60 km/h wind load, we recommend distributing 450kg of counterweight across the plates, with technical specifications available (page 2) for higher wind conditions.

This is an example of one of the foot plates that comes with the structure.

Depending on wind conditions, our stages can support approximately 40kg at a single point and up to 200kg across the roof. You can also use the adaptors (see next question). Detailed specifications are available in our technical sheets. Don't hesitate to consult our download page for more technical information.

We offer adaptors for seamless integration with standard truss clamps, making it easy to use your existing lighting and sound equipment.

While it's preferable to level the ground, the inherent flexibility of our structures allows for adjustments to accommodate slightly uneven surfaces.


Yes, indeed. As a spin-off from the University of Brussels (VUB)'s Civil & Architectural Engineering departments, our products undergo extensive research, calculations, and testing to ensure they meet stringent safety standards, including Eurocode regulations. We've obtained certifications from reputable organizations such as Vinçotte (Belgium) and CTS (France), and we're currently in the process of securing TUV certification.

Our testing procedures encompass a range of simulations and scenarios. This includes static wind and snow load simulations, where the structure is subjected to forces equivalent to 1.5T. Additionally, we conduct dynamic and fatigue stress tests on joints, involving 40,000 cycles with a tension force of 400kg. Furthermore, real-life wind load scenarios are examined to validate the structural integrity under various conditions.

These rigorous tests ensure that our Konligo structures offer unparalleled safety and reliability.

Read more about one of these tests in this article.

Given its flexible design facilitated by joints and hinges, Konligo structures may experience slight deformations in high winds, unlike rigid stages. However, we meticulously account for these displacements in our calculations, restricting them to within 1% of the structure's span. For instance, in the case of the Fastival model, this translates to a few centimeters.

Compliance & regulations

Generally, special regulations are minimal for structures lower than 5m in height and smaller than 50m² in area. Nevertheless, we advice to check local guidelines.

Yes, our membranes are certified to meet the fire safety standards outlined in DIN 4102-1:1998-05 and EN 13501-1:2018. The certification can be downloaded on this page.

Pricing & investment

We do not offer financing and a 50% advance payment is required to secure your order, with the balance due before delivery.

Designed for 250 uses, with proper care, the lifespan of your Konligo structure can be virtually limitless. Occasional part replacements are straightforward, ensuring your structure remains functional and valuable over time.

Ordering & after-sales

Yes, renting is possible. However, availability may vary depending on whether we have rental partners in your region. Contact us for more information.

Typically, our production time is approximately 6 weeks if we have no stock. Delivery duration depends on your location.

We provide a 5-year warranty on the aluminium frame and a 1-year warranty on coverings. Local support for maintenance and parts replacement is available through our distributor's network.

We offer online videos, manuals, and personal training in Belgium. For international clients, training availability depends on the presence of a local distributor.