You want to have a Festival in your Garden?  My Garden Festival makes it possible!

This project allows you to organize a quality evening without leaving your home! Therefore, renowned artists, sound and light technology, artistic stage, food truck… all the elements are put into place for you, so that you can enjoy an unforgettable moment.

A festival with people and a stage in a garden

An original concept of which we are very happy to be a part! Indeed, for the second consecutive year, the artistic stage is a FasTival ( Jean-Francois Guillin, in charge of the event, tells you more about his motivation to choose this type of innovative structure: “I decided to opt for a Konligo structure for quite simple reasons: this structure is very easy to transport, very easy to install with 2 people and, moreover, aesthetically, corresponds perfectly to the level of quality that we want to give to our event.”



New this summer 2021 is the possibility to also “book” comedians! Freddy Tougaux, Fabian Le Castel, and Martin Charlier (also known as “Kiki L’Innocent”) will be there. Concerning musicians, the catalog is extensive, including more than 80 artists. You can find many talents of the Belgian scene such as Youssef Swatt’s, Léo Fifty Five, Glauque, Glass Museum, Tanaë, and more. 

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