On Tuesday November 24th, at the crack of dawn, our Konligo team surprised the employees of the UZ Brussel hospital with 1000 breakfast bags. You might have seen the video already (if not, check it out below). Or maybe you’ve noticed one of our posts on social media. But in this blog we want to explain a little more about the philosophy behind this small ‘event’ we organized.
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At Konligo we are strong believers in the power of connections. And with that we do not only refer to the connections between the different elements of our structures.

No, what is especially important to us is the connection between people. We find this so important that we even named our company after the Esperanto word for connection, kunligo, to remind ourselves everyday of this simple truth. All people in society are connected in many ways through a complex network of direct and indirect links. These human connections must be nurtured in order to grow and to get stronger. Especially in times like these, when it seems like the only things keeping us together is a broadband connection, video conferencing platforms and an irrational love for toilet paper, it is important to strengthen the bonds we have with the people we know, but also with the people we don’t know.

In support of healthcare staff

This is why we at Konligo wanted to show our appreciation to medical professionals in Brussels, Belgium and beyond. Because (health)care workers have been in top gear for months in a row. Working overtime day and night to keep people healthy and to cure the sick. This was already the case before the pandemic and it will certainly continue way after to catch up with normal routines.  But especially in a world where ordinary contact forms a risk, medical workers thus form an extra important component of the cement that keeps our society together.  Moreover, they do this even when it means risking their own mental and physical health.
Ofcourse they are not the only ones (we must not forget all the other people providing essential goods and services, for example), but that does not reduce our admiration for their work. As the UZ Brussel website says: ‘Together against Corona!’

The initiative

And therefore, we sought for a way to show our appreciation and to give the hospital staff moral support and positive energy to lighten their spirits and their work (even if it’s only for a few hours or days). We have done this in a way we know best: by connecting different parties to organize a small event. With the help of the UZ Brussel foundation,  Färm (who have provided 1000 bags with a healthy breakfast treat and an organic apple) and Alpro (who joined in with 1000 delicious chocolate drinks), and with the permission of the hospital, we have managed to bring an energizing early-morning surprise to their staff.

Now we want to share and spread this message, to motivate others to make new connections or to get back to old ones, so we can get through the pandemic together. Because even the smallest sign of appreciation, whether it is clapping out of the window, volunteering in a hospital, providing a breakfast or something else you can think of, can make people happy and will make our society stronger through the connections we make