It all begins with an idea. We received a demand from a customer, Atelier 03, who wanted a new original pop-up cinema that could also be used as a medium for artworks such as a fresco. Creativity is our main resource and our software is a unique tool resulting from many years of research and several PhDs that allow us to model an infinite number of shapes from scissor beams made of recycled aluminium. Thus, the idea of Luno was established: evolving according to its position between a flat screen and a curved screen, in the same way a  moon changes its shape as nights go by. 



After several months of hard work on product development including conception and calculations, we arrived at the most iconic step for a start-up: the workshop. We all gathered at  our workshop, under the capricious lights, exposed to the chilly winds during the winter season to screw, unscrew, punch holes, and assemble all the small and big pieces to form a beautiful aluminium puzzle. We then had to adapt new dimensions for horizontal deployment, a novelty in our products since our products were only able to be deployed vertically until now.  This breakthrough in our new product considerably altered the impact of gravity, posing an uncertainty of whether the structure would work perfectly or if it would be as beautiful and eye-catching as we hoped. 



We do our best, but there are times when bad surprises occur. However, it wasn’t the case this time. We forgot about all the worries that had crossed our minds when we unfolded the structure for the first time. Seven months after the first brainstorming, these were the first steps of the aluminium animal we raised. Now we will observe the impact of the Luno, hoping that, for once again, the Konligo magic will take place  and gather people.