Atelier 03, the collective founded by Matti Degueldre and Bram Lenaerts arose from the need to provide portable solutions for the event industry. Matti got his experience as a lightdesigner and scenographer for Nachtcollectief and Bram, who is more organization-orientated, hosts a nightlife and open air- concept ‘Transit’.


Atelier 03 acknowledges location as a key-factor for organizing a successful event. Due to regulations and gentrification the landscape for organizing events is rigid. Therefore, they developed Bakbeats. Bakbeats is a bike with personality. Housing a high power projector, a sound system, and a battery pack, it is a completely mobile event device.
Allowing to organise an event anywhere at any time.


Since then Atelier 03 expanded their solutions to mobile shelters, plug-and-play structures and wireless techniques, all the while focusing on short production timeframes and a minimal waste impact on the environment. To achieve these goals Atelier 03 collaborates with various partners, including Konligo.


During Ampere Open-Air, Atelier 03 successfully customized the Fastival into a stage for Boiler Room, the famous streaming platform for electronic music. Using a wireless light system and highly transparent corrugated sheets, Atelier 03 created an intimate stage that blended perfectly with the surrounding nature.


Visit and follow their instagram page atelier.03 for more information.