What is it like to work at Konligo? Record from Capucine, Communication and Sustainability Intern


When I first arrived at Konligo, I didn’t know what to expect. For my future career, I have always wanted to work in an NGO, and this was my first internship. I didn’t know anything about the start-up world and was very curious to discover it.

I rapidly found out that since a start-up is basically a project coming to birth, it also means an exciting new adventure. And a new adventure means enthusiastic people, creative minds and most of all, loooads of ideas. In a start-up, there is always room for initiatives and new thoughts are more than welcome. You can just be your true self and give the craziest ideas you can have (not guaranteed they’ll be accepted but hey, if you don’t try, you’ll never know, right?) And if you fail, you can always retry and learn from your mistakes in order to succeed better later. Taking risks is part of the game!

Be yourself, accept the challenges and confront yourself to get out of your comfort zone. Working in a start-up like Konligo is also about working with people full of energy and dynamism, it is taking risks but not being afraid of it. Just like skydiving! If you don’t want to jump out of the plane, you’ll never experience this very unique excitement and this amazing feeling of watching our dear Earth from above (and the terrible feeling of having your cheeks detached from your face, looking like Shrek’s donkey). Even though a start-up means that you don’t know how the next day will look like, it is good to keep moving, to bring changes and new opportunities. It is based on uncertainty regarding the projects, the team members, the financial situation or how you will be able to address the clients’ needs… You really have to involve a lot of your time and energy in the project but hard work always leads to results, either positive or negative, but at least you can learn from them.

A start-up like Konligo is the place where you bring everyone’s skills together, to create relationships and great team working moments. It is about gathering around a common project, doing several (and sometimes super different) tasks, with different (but always creative) people! In Konligo, it is about communicating, pitching your project, getting feedback, working on, logistics, sales but also writing articles or sourcing prospects, in French, in English, in Dutch… Start-ups don’t know boundaries! Working at  Konligo made me discover new sectors, new functions and new people from different cultures, backgrounds and working areas.

For me, a start-up is like a baby to raise and to take care of. The “pregnancy time” is super exciting because it is all about planning how will it go, taking care of everything and being ready for the moment to give birth.  And then when raising the “kid”, every development step is extremely important! Since everything there are so many things to do, being involved in such a process is a perfect occasion to teach, but also to learn a lot, from everyone, everything and every kind of situation. It is also the opportunity for “the family members” involved to discover new skills, to confront themselves during hard situations, having ups and downs but this is also part of life! Even struggling times can be appreciated because it is a challenge to overcome and once it’s done, it makes the efforts even more valuable.

 So working for like Konligo is to me a unique experience that brings lots of responsibilities, risks to take, opportunities and opens some doors to new people, new discoveries and new adventures!