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The different products of Konligo to change the event sector

All these designs and products are protected worldwide by Calysta, ranked by Legal Awards as the Best IP Law firm in Belgium 2019.

Konligo products make Zero-waste events reachable

More immersive, engaging, and authentic experiences. Less resource depletion, waste and time waste and time spent on installation. Konligo products are all designed to make you gain time for deployment.

Made of recycled aluminum, their impact on a zero-waste event market is enormous. You can now buy or rent those event structures and ensure that you are taking action for the environment.

Discover why Konligo's product are sustainable

Decorations for Konligo products

Each grid in our structures can be filled with canvas, cardboard, or panels.

PVC Banners


People standing under Arko stand structure with panels


Beautiful presentation booth

Illuminate your Konligo products

Our partners can install various light shows and can project onto the membrane or panels.

Band on stage under a tent cover in front of tower.
Crowd gathering around a dj in a tent at a Festival

The membrane

A customized membrane is one of the options. With or without membrane, back or front or front, inside or outside the structure.

Personalised on the inside

Interior + bottom