A sneak peak of Konligo Creation: modular design at its best.

Thanks to the Innovative Starters Award (ISA) funds we are receiving since last year, Konligo finally has more freedom to explore new scissor technologies and new shapes! It takes some time for this research to bear its fruits. Yet, some early bloomers are popping up every once in a while…

Triangular canopy prototype

Research, research, and… development!

The goal of the ISA project is that in two years from now, Konligo will be able to offer tailor made design solutions for domes and stages in no time! On one hand, there will be a great freedom in what kind of shapes are possible. Moreover, a lot of these new designs will use the same components. This establishes further our motto of reusability and responsible use of resources.

This research has led us towards multiple paths for new structural forms that we can start developing soon. Yet, we are proud to share our newest prototype: a small canopy with triangle grid pattern. It is a tryout for the development of a new joint type yielding myriad innovative structures that were impossible until now!

Scissor beam detail prototype


To make this prototype we used beams from our stock (the same beams as the Ondo dome). Therefore the final design did not determine the dimensions of its components, but rather the components determined the final contour of the dome!

This is Konligo’s ultimate modular design philosophy: from a fixed stock of beams with pre-determined dimensions, we can offer you almost every shape you can think of!

Hold on for more, because the impressive is yet to come!