Are you involved in the organisation of a festival, a congress or a sports event and do not know what type of structure to choose for your stands? Konligo, the event partner specialised in reusable and modular pop-up structures in Belgium, explains the advantages of recycled modular aluminium infrastructures.

Why choose recycled aluminium as a pop-up structure material?

In the events sector, it is not always easy to be eco-responsible at all levels. Finding materials that can be easily recycled is not so common, due to their manufacturing process or the costs involved. Nevertheless, it is becoming more and more consistent today to propose a sustainable project, an event that tries to minimise its ecological footprint. When it comes to structures for the creation of stands, DJ areas, arches or even branching areas, one sustainable and reusable material stands out in particular: recycled aluminium.

Aluminium is a 100% recyclable material. Compared to its raw state, its use considerably reduces the environmental impact of the product it is made of, as well as reducing carbon emissions by up to 95%. Aluminium is an abundant, recyclable, non-toxic resource that does not pollute the soil and, what’s more, can be reused many times thanks to its strength and practicality. The latter is especially true if the product is made in an eco-friendly way, by using modularity as key principle. By modularity we mean the reuse of subcomponents to make an alternative end product (like lego).

Advantages of a recycled aluminium structure for your event stand

Most event infrastructures are physically and ecologically heavy and time-consuming to set up. A recycled aluminium structure can be used to create modular, customisable and easy-to-set up exhibition stands, stages or tents. Indeed, these structures, although temporary, are nevertheless reusable and have nothing to envy to metal scaffolding.

One of the main missions of the event industry today is to offer local and ecological solutions. Using modular structures made of recycled aluminium is one of the options to contribute to a more sustainable future, while combining modernity and efficiency. The recycled material is re-used in subcomponents who themselves are re-used in different modular end products (structures). However, making all the other materials that cover and decorate your structure (membranes, banners, etc.) sustainable is still very challenging.

Are you interested in recyclable structures for the organisation of your event fair in Belgium?

Contact Konligo, your partner for recycled aluminium and modular event structures (85% recycled) in Belgium, via the online contact form or by phone. Their team will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in your projects.