Do you ever have the feeling that you want to do something good, but you don’t know where to start? This article is about what you need to consider and how best to go about it.

Why should you help others?

Helping people is valuable for two reasons. Firstly, it is beneficial for the people you are helping, and secondly, it makes you feel better as well. Maybe even to that extend, once you start, you don’t stop and find more and more opportunities to help others. Feeling good about yourself should not be your primary goal, but it is certainly a pleasant side-effect, and you are entitled to enjoy this feeling.

Whom do you want to help?

This is obviously the first thing to consider. There are several possible areas in which you can decide to go, like the environment, humanitarian sector, or animal care.

You might want to help in as many different areas as possible, but like a lot of other activities you do, it is important to focus. When you try doing too much, you might not be able to make it possible and end up being disappointed, because your expectations were too high. Therefore, start small, and if you realize that you can achieve more during the process, well that’s great! But don’t put yourself under too much pressure, remember you are already trying to do something good, and you can be proud of it.

How can you help?

Think about the value that you can offer and how you can offer it. You may or may not have anything in mind yet, but you probably have certain expertise or a personal talent that you can use for the cause. Go in the field where you want to help and talk to organizations that already know what is needed. This part is really important.  

For example, to help homeless people, you must find the right approach. You want them to feel valued and understood. Therefore, you must understand their way of thinking as well as their needs. Otherwise, they might get the feeling that you view them as less valuable than yourself even though you really did mean well. So, go online, do your research, find some organizations. There are already a lot of them who are fighting for a good cause and would appreciate your help. Also, by this, you can find out the best way to help. It is also a process of listening and collaboration.

With whom can you collaborate?

This step goes hand in hand with the one before: If you have found organizations that can help you on your journey, why not team up with them directly? Think about what they told you, see if it corresponds to your idea or your values, and see if you can support them.

But there is more to it. Depending on your budget and your goal, you might want to find sponsors. And there is not really one rule about it. Ask whoever seems fit for this cause. You may have to send out a lot of emails, make phone calls, or go to them directly. For big companies, it is usually easier to send an email to their main office, or some might even already have application forms to fill out online. With small stores, you might achieve more by making a phone call or approaching them on site. Also, there are different kinds of donations you can ask for, like discounts, products, financial aid, or services. Make sure you know exactly what you need before asking. To increase your chance of success, explain nicely who you are, what your project is, and your motivation behind it. Although you are doing it for a good cause, you are still asking them for help. And lastly: Don’t give up! It might take a while, but you will find people to support you.

The key to success: a good timeline

When you have the concept, you must set up a schedule with the big steps. Give yourself enough time to search for sponsors minimum of one month and make sure that you choose the right time of helping. For some causes, there might not be a wrong time, but again ask the experts in your field on this one.

Don’t get discouraged!

This might seem like a lot to consider, but it just needs to be well planned, so you don’t end up stressed, and disappointed. It might be some work, but it is worth it! For the others and you. So, don’t hesitate, even the smallest project can make a big difference. It might be a cheesy line, but when you rewind to a moment, where a small gesture from a person has made you smile, then you know that it is true indeed.