The Chronicles of a Konligo Intern will be a series of articles publish every Friday for 5 weeks. With this series  you will be able to see Konligo through the eyes of an intern and how our core values affect the way we work both individually and as a team. Ahmed Soliman was an intern for 2 months at Konligo in architectural engineering and R&D. Each week he will talk about one of our 5 core values at Konligo.  Starting with adhering to humanistic values which are built around empathy.


The core values of Konligo can best describe my time in the internship. Along with the vision of the company, those values were always inspiring and guiding the team members during  their daily work. My internship experience can be summarized in relation to those values.

Core Value 1 –
  Adhere to humanistic values which are built around  empathy

Konligo strives to magnify the humanistic values of its team, it prioritizes the notion of “let’s be  good persons” before being “good employees”. Considering that  being “good” is a very  relative criterion, the team was always caring, selfless, and empathetic. I think it’s distinctive  to work in a team that wants to be better on a personal scale before a professional scale. It  may sound magical and definitely could have some downsides from the competitive capitalist perspective of modern society, but it’s working.

Surely, It’s all about money at the end of the  day. But for everyone in Konligo, money is just the tool to make an impact in the world. It’s the way to survive and sustain, but it’s not the goal, at least that was my impression. Unlike most of the  huge modern monster companies, those core values about empathy  and change are not just media propaganda, it’s what the company stands for. I think if the  world stands a chance, companies like Konligo are the ark that everyone should jump in. 

At Konligo I have learned to bring my personal issues to work. It may sound  unprofessional, but it definitely isn’t. It’s just more realistic and again more result oriented. Opening up and being vulnerable is usually  a faster way to solve problems. While this concept  is very new to me in a professional environment context,  it widened my vision to have  a better understanding and empathy towards my colleagues. People are not machines and  personal life does matter.

If you are trying to make an impact on the world, you could first try  to make a positive impact on the colleague beside you.