The Chronicles of a Konligo Intern will be a series of articles published every Friday for 5 weeks. With this series  you will be able to see Konligo through the eyes of an intern and how our core values affect the way we work both individually and as a team. Ahmed Soliman was an intern for 2 months at Konligo in architectural engineering and R&D. Each week he will talk about one of our 5 core values at Konligo.

Core Value 5 -Care for each other

At Konligo, I was fortunate to build strong social relations with a lot of good people. The team celebrates, eats, drinks, and works together. I had to invest time to get to know people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. I can truly saw that I have learned a lot.

The team has lunch together everyday. It became  a habit discussing interesting life topics and stories during this lunchtime. We talked about sustainability, politics, culture, marriage, sports, personal dreams, religion, family, art, and even philosophy.

Those conversations were eye-opening and refreshing but also created a path for the strong bonds and connections I created with everyone. Konligo was an interesting work experience for me but it was also a place where I created good memories and friends.

I appreciate the experiences and knowledge built during these months and I will take it with me in both my professional and personal life.

In order to conclude the Chronicles of an intern, I, the intern can only say thank you Konligo!

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