The Chronicles of a Konligo Intern will be a series of articles published every Friday for 5 weeks. With this series  you will be able to see Konligo through the eyes of an intern and how our core values affect the way we work both individually and as a team. Ahmed Soliman was an intern for 2 months at Konligo in architectural engineering and R&D. Each week he will talk about one of our 5 core values at Konligo. Today the topic is communication, a concept that can have different facets and make or break a team. Konligo  makes it a priority, let’s see how.

 Core Value 2 – Communicate openly and transparently

Every month, Konligo has a “Frizby meeting” procedural concept. Two people conduct a closed meeting to discuss everything they experienced that month, but most importantly to give feedback. It is a skill to accept criticism but also to give a constructive one.

Transparency was one of the major points that caught my attention in Konligo. I have middle eastern work experience, in which secrecy and ambiguity are at times part of the managerial mentality. At Konligo, I knew the weekly plan of each member of the team,  I discussed the vision of the company and asked about financial funds. There were no secrets in that company apart from a secret birthday party! I openly discussed the professional strengths and weaknesses of my colleagues, supervisors, and myself hearing at times  “I failed to do that” or “I wasn’t that good”.

Given the fact that the team is highly skilled and achieving, transparency was just a means to improve. I should mention that working at Konligo was less stressful than my past working experiences even though it was more challenging.