The Chronicles of a Konligo Intern will be a series of articles published every Friday for 5 weeks. With this series  you will be able to see Konligo through the eyes of an intern and how our core values affect the way we work both individually and as a team. Ahmed Soliman was an intern for 2 months at Konligo in architectural engineering and R&D. Each week he will talk about one of our 5 core values at Konligo.

Core Value 4 – Dare to be opinionated and to be accountable

Previously, I have worked in some big institutions. What is different about this internship is that the company is going through a scaling process. This means more flexibility and less bureaucracy. Even so, it’s not just about the scale of the company.

Konligo is built on the concept of partnership, which means everyone has something to add. This spirit was reflected in how interns can approach their role at the company.  I was given the chance to share my opinion on a lot of crucial topics. The team listened and took into consideration everyone’s opinion. This opportunity to participate in discussing major company decisions came with a price: responsibility.

After 3 weeks in the internship, I was fascinated by the space given to the interns to take initiatives, for which I felt more responsible to present only the ideas that I believe could be worth a constructive discussion. I had to ask tens of questions and listen before I even suggested anything.  This show me how there is always room for improvement.

I quickly realized that this is part of the learning curve, and understood that being part of an ongoing project takes time and patience in order to absorb all the details. Someone once said: “starting a job feels like you’re a new character on the fifth season of a tv show”. I found this statement very fitting to the situation. I needed to be more patient and read everything about the previous four seasons. With this I can say that in the last 5 weeks of my internship my initiatives and suggestions became more mature, promising, and realistic.

I can wholeheartedly say that if you give people responsibility it makes them grow and work twice as hard. I never felt like a mere intern, but always part of the team.


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