The Chronicles of a Konligo Intern will be a series of articles published every Friday for 5 weeks. With this series  you will be able to see Konligo through the eyes of an intern and how our core values affect the way we work both individually and as a team. Ahmed Soliman was an intern for 2 months at Konligo in architectural engineering and R&D. Each week he will talk about one of our 5 core values at Konligo.


Core Value 3 – Have fun and enjoy while working for Konligo

During my time at Konligo, I simply had a lot of fun. The positive environment is driven by the sense of fulfillment and trust between the team members. Konligo makes sure to choose its employees and interns very precisely, and like so, the people fit together. The team enjoys working together and laugh while doing so.

During my twomonth internship, I played a lot of basketball matches with the team, during breaks or after work. Im thankful that the games are not part of my evaluation, as I lost almost all of them! We also participated in an afterwork sports competition with other companies in the same establishment. We played badminton, tennis table and even more basketball. Although those fun activities were meant to strengthen our bonds as a team, it also refreshed our minds and raised the creative performance.

The fun environment is not just a result of having a lot of outsideofwork activities, it is a reflection of a successful selection process of the employees, in which everyone should fit in his job description and duties. Accordingly,  the team is passionate about what they do every day.

At Konligo I learned that choosing a team candidate according to his passion and cultural awareness is sometimes more important than choosing talent and long experience.


Konligo Employees enjoying their break

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