Dare to be bold.

Simply relying on a tried-and-true recipe is often insufficient to create a campaign that truly hits its mark. It also requires daring to step off the beaten path, enabling your clientele to distinguish themselves.

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Konligo domes: this is how cool they look!

Why opt for Konligo domes?

An extraordinary look

Customize the dome to your brand image

Existing shapes or a custom-built structure

Save time and precious manpower

Reduce your COemissions*

* 2.55 tonnes less CO2 equivalent emissions after 50 uses compared to using a reference structure (designed in China with non-recycled aluminum and less maintenance-friendly)

Charles Vincke.

Account Manager
The Oval Office

"We were looking for the next eye-catching element for our events and got in touch with Konligo. They offer innovative and versatile structures that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The team is constantly improving and open to suggestions."

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