Konligo is a Belgian start-up, pioneer in developing local, innovative and sustainable stand
structures for indoor exhibitions and outdoor events. Having been in the to-do list for the past
weeks, the arrival of this fresh new website promises to offer a fully intuitive and smooth user

The attractive design and improved functionality will now enable navigation with a multitude of
devices: laptops, mobile devices, tablets.. The enriched content, dynamic atmosphere and easy
surfing offers a really enjoyable and efficient moment/journey for customers, partners, media,
Last but not least the website tends to reflect the virtues/advantages/assets Konligo delivers in real
life , namely usefulness, eye-catchy and straight to the point.

We are very enthusiastic about the launch. For this web site, designed by Capital Panache, we
pay particular attention to the responsive experience we wanted our visitors to get, since it is
deeply in sync with the genuine and inspiring experience our customers have with our products
IRL”. Said Aushim Koumar, Founder at Konligo.


Our website will be updated on a regular basis with news, events, new products.
For more information, visit www.konligo.com / Follow @Konligo on Twitter