An impressive and innovative
booth or tent

Installed in less than half an hour and resistant to high winds

You can use this concept for festivals, concerts, entrance arches, ticketing booths, car events, and so much more.
Tent stage with music instruments
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A unique structure to bring
innovation and visual attraction to your event.

We help you to bring a full new concept of booths are tents to your event, 100% made in Belgium and part of the transition towards circular economy.

Rental and purchase possible
Fastival dome structure with light design by A03 for a stage by night

Compact &
Fast Set-Up

  • Easy set-up. No technical skills required.
  • Up and ready to use in under an hour.

Sustainable & Locally produced

  • Recycled or re-used aluminium and 100% made in in Belgium
  • Robust: lights, projectors, etc. can be hanged and resistant to 75km/h wind speed

Eye-Catching Outdoor Experience

  • Inspiring catalogue of designs
  • Branding, customisation and the creation of unique, immersive experiences.

Be part of the next wave in pop-up booths and tents.

We exist so that you can finally combine attractiveness with sustainability and speed of installation

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