A sneak peak of Konligo Creation

A sneak peak of Konligo Creation: modular design at its best.

Thanks to the Innovative Starters Award (ISA) funds we are receiving since last year, Konligo finally has more freedom to explore new scissor technologies and new shapes! It takes some time for this research to bear its fruits. Yet, some early bloomers are popping up every once in a while…

Triangular canopy prototype

Research, research, and… development!

The goal of the ISA project is that in two years from now, Konligo will be able to offer tailor made design solutions for domes and stages in no time! On one hand, there will be a great freedom in what kind of shapes are possible. Moreover, a lot of these new designs will use the same components. This establishes further our motto of reusability and responsible use of resources.

This research has led us towards multiple paths for new structural forms that we can start developing soon. Yet, we are proud to share our newest prototype: a small canopy with triangle grid pattern. It is a tryout for the development of a new joint type yielding myriad innovative structures that were impossible until now!

Scissor beam detail prototype


To make this prototype we used beams from our stock (the same beams as the Ondo dome). Therefore the final design did not determine the dimensions of its components, but rather the components determined the final contour of the dome!

This is Konligo’s ultimate modular design philosophy: from a fixed stock of beams with pre-determined dimensions, we can offer you almost every shape you can think of!

Hold on for more, because the impressive is yet to come!




View of computer screen opened on Rhino software

Innovative Starters Awards 2022

Innovative Starters Awards.

At the beginning of April 2023, the Innovative Starters Awards were presented in Brussels, an initiative of Innoviris Brussels. In addition to Sparklab and Tulipal, Konligo also managed to secure a research fund of no less than €500,000!

But what is the link between Konligo, its foldable domes and stages and a research fund? Automated dome generating software!

Research and innovation in the Brussels region

As a spin-off of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Konligo has never left the Brussels Region. As it turns out, this has been a fruitful decision, since Innoviris annually awards half a million euros to start-ups and scale-ups located in the capital region.

“The mission of Innoviris is to encourage and support research and innovation in the Brussels Region.” Says Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut, General Manager of Innoviris Brussels. “Thanks to an annual financial support of 50 million euros from the Brussels government, we’re able to help companies, start-ups and scale-ups, research centers or collaborative projects. It all fits within a larger strategic framework of the Capital Region: that of economic transition. Our subsidies must serve to help Brussels companies evolve towards a more sustainable economy.

One of our programs is the Innovative Starters Awards, where we annually look for three small innovative companies.” In 2023, Konligo became the proud owner of half a million euros in subsidies. And for that, there are multiple reasons.

The return of Thomas Schoukens

A plan of action was already in place, should we be awarded half a million euros. A project which would be baptized ‘ISA’.

Overshoulder view of Thomas working at his desktop computer
Thomas working on Rhino

“With the Innoviris funds, we want to drastically change the world of temporary structures (domes and stages) by focusing on custom structures that are modular and whose

components can be reused as much as possible.” says Aushim Koumar, CEO of Konligo. “Imagine building a dome for Tesla that you can convert into a stage for Stromae. Two completely different shapes with the same components. That’s next-level sustainability!”

But we had yet to onboard the necessary talent who we didn’t have to look for, for a long time. Quite the contrary. Thomas Schoukens had already done an internship at Konligo. And for good reason.

“After his internship in 2020, Thomas very briefly started as a job student on a parametric design project. Ever since then we’ve had his name shortlisted.” says Aushim. “ Thanks to Innoviris’ financial support, we’ve been able to create a job opportunity for a parametric designer. Not long after that, we’ve interviewed Thomas. What followed, is no longer a secret.”

Today, Thomas is a valued team member at the Circularium at Anderlecht, Brussels.

Researching time savings

Smiling person, Thomas, sitting at a desk
Thomas Schoukens at his creative desk in the Circularium

When Thomas started his architecture studies at the VUB, he heard about Aushim’s doctorate “Deployable structures for disaster relief”. He was immediately intrigued and fascinated with how his field of study could lead

to helping people in emergency situations. “By the time I graduated, Konligo had started as a young startup. I wanted nothing more than to work for them. Alas, they could only offer me an internship. I didn’t miss that opportunity. A couple of years later, thanks to the Innovative Starters Awards, I was able to start at a company whose mission I very much believe in.”

This is how Aushim describes Thomas’ role: “He will develop a software which ensures that engineers spend only one week on a design instead of two months. This will enable us to reduce the production of a custom-made dome or stage from four months to four to six weeks.”

Thomas adds: “Thanks to the funds, there is now room at Konligo to conduct research into new forms and structures. The design of these structures is quite complex: you don’t just come up with a new shape that you immediately develop. My assignment is to set up a generalized working method and to automate it so that custom-made shapes are generated by the computer.

It is very gratifying to be able to play a role in a company whose philosophy is very close to my own moral values ​​and alternative vision. And it must be said that every day I do what I love most: parametric design.”

Much more than a tech company

Information is always more credible when someone external to a company has something to say about that company. Hence we conclude this article with Stefaan Sonck Thiebaut’s wise words: “Konligo is a technology company, based on innovative technology that was developed at the VUB. It responds to a real need and fits perfectly into the theme of ‘economic transition’ as they try to achieve more with fewer raw materials.

We as a region are very grateful to such entrepreneurs because they have the courage to start a new company. That’s not an easy feat. Five years ago there was nothing. And now there is a team, there are products, there are customers, … That’s really impressive.

A product is more than just technology, products and customers. It is also often a social project. I find it impressive that Konligo is very committed to team cohesion and that they work so hard on Konligo’s values. This way they are building a company that has the capacity to realize that scale-up.”

There you go. Now you know we’re not the only ones bragging about our company! All nine of us are very proud to be able to work together on such a beautiful project.

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