Konligo's structures.

Discover which Konligo event structure is best fit for your next project

Fastival dome / stage
Arko dome collection
Ondo dome

All these designs and products are protected worldwide by Calysta, ranked by Legal Awards as the Best IP Law firm in Belgium 2019.

Branded membranes

When ordering your Konligo dome or stage, think about how membranes can help you customize your structure. Whether you want a printed outer membrane or a branded inner membrane with or without a personalized backdrop, a lot of options are possible for branding your Konligo structure.

Branded inner membrane and backdrop
Fastival dome met bedrukte binnenmembraan en backdrop
Sober inner membrane and backdrop
Fastival dome met sobere witte binnenmembraan en backdrop
Branded outer membrane over two Fastival domes
Two Fastival stages with branded outer membranes

Pimp your structure

If you don’t feel like getting a complete membrane, our structures can easily be branded with the help of canvases, cardboards or panels.

Printed PVC banners
Luno curved event structure with branded banners
Branded Reboard
People standing under Arko stand structure with panels
Personalized Stadur
Beautiful presentation booth

Put your structure in the spotlights

Our partners can install various lighting systems and projections on membranes or panels are perfectly possible.  All our structures are compatible with Truss rigging systems.

Band on stage under a tent cover in front of tower.
People stand dancing under a Fastival Dome in a Boiler Room setup with red neon lights
Crowd gathering around a dj in a tent at a Festival

Help us revolutionize the event industry

More immersive, engaging, and authentic experiences. When buying or renting a Konligo dome or stage,  just remember that

  • they were produced with less resource depletion (circular economy) and less production waste;
  • they are made out of 80% recycled aluminium;
  • it’ll have a meaningful impact on your ecological footprint;
  • they’ve been manufactured to help you save time for your event setup;
  • have been carefully assembled with love in Belgium!