• Rental starting from 1 day
  • A choice between products from our catalog
  • Delivery and installation are possible, but not mandatory
  • Pop-up domes, stages and curved event structures
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  • A choice between products in our catalog
  • Free training
  • Delivery is possible, but not mandatory
  • Adaptation to another shape is possible on demand (our products are modular)
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Konligo Experience

  • Our team of designers and engineers will design a deployable structure on demand
  • Fully tailor-made depending on your need
  • Eye-catching & easy to stock, transport, and install
  • Pop-up domes, stages and curved event structures
Our team

Jean-François Guillin

Ronquières Festival & My Garden Festival organizer

“I decided to opt for a Konligo structure for quite simple reasons: this structure is very easy to transport, very easy to install with 2 people and, moreover, aesthetically, corresponds perfectly to the level of quality that we want to give to our event.”

Discover our products

Compact & fast set-up

Because Konligo structures are so compact, they are easy to store and transport.

The structures are delivered already assembled. The only thing left for you to do is to open them and be amazed by their ingenious and easy set-up.

Most eye-catching temporary structures like stands or booths take days to build. Ours are up and ready to use in under an hour for any of your events and exhibitions.

Eye-catching & immersive experience

With our inspiring catalog of designs, we push pop-up structures to another level.

The Konligo brand brings a unique combination of magic and beauty, is inimitable, and makes it possible to stand out with our surprising and elegant products.

Together we can create an unforgettable experience.

Sustainable & reusable

Made of recycled aluminum and produced in Belgium, our structures can be reused many times.

Our extensive research and mechanic testing guarantee the performance of every structure.

Our outdoor structures can withstand wind loads of 80km/h and additional hanging loads of up to 500kg.