Sustainability at Konligo: a core value

Konligo, a company specializing in the creation and sale of event structures in Belgium, tells you more about the eco-friendly approach they take when creating their sustainable and local products for the organization of your festivals, trade fairs, networking evenings, corporate events, and many others.

Recycled aluminum as a pop-up structure material: a sustainable approach to events

At Konligo, we are committed to producing pop-up structures in an environmentally friendly manner and to offering sustainable and unique products for the creation of stands for various events.

To this end, we have opted for recycled aluminum as our main manufacturing material. The use of recycled aluminum in the production of stands helps to reduce the environmental impact, which is a crucial issue today, especially in the event and corporate business sectors. This fully recyclable material is not only robust and practical, which contributes to the creation of quality structures, but it is also non-toxic, does not pollute the soil, and is in abundant supply.

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Hydro: a supplier committed to an environmentally responsible industrial future

In order to implement responsible production, we collaborate with Hydro, our main supplier of recycled aluminum. Aiming to contribute to a fair and circular economy, they provide us with their expertise so that we can offer innovative and unique solutions for the realization of our recycled aluminum pop-up structures.

Concerned about reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, and reducing the ecological footprint, we share their values by sourcing responsibly, from this supplier offering zero-carbon aluminum. Hydro’s ambition is to help decarbonize by becoming a ‘Net Zero’ company by 2025, to enable the elimination of carbon from the wider industry through renewable energy, hydrogen, and batteries.

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Konligo and its research and development center: focus on bamboo

Our services do not end with production and sales. At Konligo, we are fortunate to have a team of creative engineers in our research and development department, who do their utmost to find tailor-made, environmentally friendly solutions.

Our team of experts is currently focusing on the development of bamboo pop-up structures. Often associated with decorative elements, bamboo is actually a strong, very robust, relatively elastic, and light material. What’s more, it’s easy to grow, requires no fertilizer or other plant protection products, and takes three years to mature. Stay tuned.

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